AutoCAD Training in Nepal

AutoCAD Training in Nepal: Overview

AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) , a 2-D and 3-D computer-aided drafting software application used in architecture, construction and manufacturing to assist in the preparation of blueprints and other engineering plans. Auto-cad is a design tool that enables you to communicate your ideas, whatever they may be in any professional field. Architects, engineers, drafters and design related professionals use Auto-cad to create, view, plot, manage, share and reuse accurate, information rich drawings. Civil drafters draw up plans for use in the design and building of roadways, bridges, sewer systems, and other major projects. Architectural drafters draw up plans for residential and commercial buildings. Almost every man-made structure or tool has been developed with the help of computer-aided design software.


  • Auto-cad is a very important for an professional working in the design and drawing section of the construction industry.
  • Almost all the construction drawings are done using the Auto-cad software, and having its knowledge is an added advantage for any construction professional.
  • As an auto-cad instructor.
  • Many institutes, companies, NGOs and INGOs demand and recruit Auto-Cad drafters.
  • Increased construction activity stemming from Nepal population growth and the need to improve Nepal’s infrastructure will spur demand for AutoCAD drafters who are trained and certified in Civil Drafting, BIM and interior design. Product Data Management (PDM) software – programs that track and control data related to a specific product and its lifecycle, including CAD schematics – is another emerging drafting domain that’s stirring up workforce buzz and demand.


The objective of this course is to teach users the basic commands and tools necessary for professional 2D & 3D drawing, design and drafting using AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT. After completing this course users will be able to:
  • Use AutoCAD for daily working process.
  • Navigate throughout AutoCAD using major navigating tools.
  • Understand the concept and techniques to draw.
  • Create multiple designs using several of tools.
  • Create layers to control the objects’ visibility.
  • Explain drawing using annotations.
  • Plot or print the drawing by scale.
  • To use constraint for certain design.

Course Content

  • 2D Interface and Drawing Management Introduction
  • Touring the interface
  • Managing Drawings
  • Drawing Fundamentals
  • Editing and Organizing Drawing
  • Annotating a Drawing
  • Working with Reference
  • Sharing Drawing and Others
  • 3D Navigation in 3D
  • Drawing in 3D
  • Modelling on Ionic Column
  • Documenting 3D Model
  • Creating Dynamic Slideshow, Animations and Renderings


About School of Information Technologies (School of IT)

We are an emerging IT school based in Kathmandu. Our core interest lies in educating the bright and the curious people who want to get into the wonderful world of information technology. If you have a desire to learn everything about this profession we are here to help you.

School of Information Technologies was founded by experts in the broad field of Information Technology in Nepal. Our founders and instructors are sought-after, competitive professionals, who have worked at various important IT companies, and who have now come together to be a part of your world. At School of Information Technologies, we see to it that nobody gets left behind.

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You may contact us for more details: 

Kathmandu – 35, Tinkune, Pentagon College Road
Phone # 977 01 4117999 |Direct Contact # 977 9861666678                                                         Email: | URL:



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